Canvas - A camera based 1.5sqm touchscreen, can be played by up to 4 hands touching the surface. in this video, we tested it for the first time with some friends and added some tablets and phones as touch controllers, operating in the same way but each device with a different sound.
In Polyjam studios, Berlin. 2014


Ezra - A sound Demigod. each movable part of his face pulls a dedicated weight inside his head, the position of each weight is captured by a computer that changes the musical patterns you hear, each of the 2 sides of Ezra's face is manipulating a single sound pattern. No doubt, Ezra is enigmatic and mischievous.
In collaboration with PIPS:lab, Amsterdam. 2014

Gabo - also a Demigod, built for kids and adults alike, move the eyes noze and talk in the ear to create strange patterns and sounds. Presented at Lollapalooza Berlin 2015 together with the Canvas.




BalzTanz - A Collaboration between Polyjam and Kling Klang Klong. we created an interactive musical room for the 2015 Localize Potsdam festival, two players take positions in the room and dance to the sound of their own movements, controlling electronic music by capturing the positions of the dancer. check out the crazy things our buddies at are up to.


The Drone - The Little flyer comes alive with music. sound is produced in relation to its location, when close to the ground, it makes a deep overpowering buzzing sound, as it rises up, the sound floats away and becomes distant, feels like a curious alien craft snooping around the drone operator.
In collaboration with PIPS:lab Amsterdam 2014







Screen Shot 2015-03-10 at 02.00.35.png

Dowload the Scale Master/slave for Ableton live


The Scale Master/Slave are a pair of midi tools  to control your productions harmony structure. here is how out works PolyScale Master & Slave were created by Gad Baruch Hinkis, Graphic design by Charlotte Sauvaget.

With big gratitude To Tom Whiston for the programming of the ASCTscaler object       check out his work at 




Polyjam Midi Tools

PolyJam midi tools is a FREE midi effects bundle consisting of 3 midi note generators




PolyArp - A unique and very flexible Arpeggiator.

PolyStep - A one of a kind fully mappable step sequencer with lots of tricks.

MonoStep - A simple 1 note generator.


Click the HERE for the patches and manual. 

Video tutorial