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The Polyjam team is a group of international multidisciplinary artists based in BerlinWorking together since 2014 with the vision to create an interactive mixed-media playground, Where artists from all disciplines can collaborate and improvise with each other to invent a new artistic language of connectivity, interdependence and positive cultural/personal transformation.


Drawing inspiration from traditional/tribal esthetics combined with cutting edge digital technology, We are building an ever growing arsenal of interactive digital/tactile interfaces that allow the audience to take part in creating the music, visuals and art of the event itself. The result is multi-dimensional collective creation, involving the visitors, artists and performers, in what we call the Polyjam Ritual.


We believe that if we want to create a better connected, and interdependent world, we must build more platforms that allow people to connect and influence each other. music, art, fashion, dance and ritual, are naturally developed human tools designed to integrate human society, and we try to combine all of the tools, talents and techniques available to us, in order to create a unique experience that encourages creative play and collaborative improvisation in audience of all ages, and present a special opportunity for visitors to be creative together even with no artistic background.

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